Free FTTC Broadband with One Net Business

Why not get a new hosted phone system with NO CAPEX, FREE CALLS to landline and mobile numbers, and get free FTTC Broadband*.

Being a Ready Business means being there when a customer needs you. Time is precious – your time, your customers’ time, and your workers’ time. That’s why One Net Business is ideal for a flexible business.

About Vodafone One Net Business

A secure cloud-based phone system, One Net Business joins up your landline and mobile communications so that you’re always on hand. This fully integrated, high quality communications service is possible because Vodafone is the first – and only – network in the UK to own fixed and mobile infrastructure.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, One Net Business offers better customer experience, boosts staff productivity, and paves the way to cost-savings – meaning you can work better, from anywhere, from any of your devices.

Limited Time Offer

 Get One Net with 10 Desk Phones
  • No Upfront Cost
  • Unlimited Calls to 01/02/03 Landline Numbers
  • Unlimited Calls to Mobile Numbers
  • Separate Broadband dedicated for all VoIP Calls
  • £285 per month for 36 Months
 Add 2 Mobile Phone users with 2GB 4G Data each
  • Free Apple iPhone 7 32GB for each mobile user
  • Mobile are true extensions of One Net Business
  • Enables a Disaster Recovery Plan for the business
  • Enables a Flexible Working
  • £349 per month per 36 Months

 FREE FTTC Broadband and Line Rental for Internet Access (including installation and router)*

* for the term of the contract

CALL US ON 01254 271 333 and quote FREEBB

Office 365

Why not add Microsoft Office 365 for your complete communication needs

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