iOS 11 and Apple DEP

Unified World Communications iOS 11 and Apple DEP

Starting with iOS 11, all iOS devices and Apple TV, no matter where they have been purchased, may be added to a DEP program using Apple Configurator 2.5 or later.

Previously DEP enabled devices had to be purchased through Apple authorised channels only. Now you will be able to add any device on iOS 11 or later purchased from anywhere. The process of adding new devices to Apple DEP must be through Apple Configurator 2.5 or later.

A new feature of this new enrolment method is a 30 day provisional period where by the device is wiped upon being added to your DEP program. The provisional period only begins when the device is activated by a user and during the 30 days the user can remove the device from the DEP program and this in turn will wipe the phone. After this time the device will not be removable from DEP manually by the end user.

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