Archive: November 2015

by Unified World / 17.11.2015

Apple Sim Card

Ever purchased a cellular iPad and wondered what is this Apple Sim inside the box?

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by Unified World / 13.11.2015

Unified World Tech Day November 12th

Product demonstrations from the likes of Sony, LG, Microsoft, Inkwrx (formerly Destiny) and Vodafone all demonstrating the latest gear for businesses.

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by Unified World / 11.11.2015

iPad Pro release, what you should consider before purchasing a new product

Thinking about getting a new 12.9 inch iPad Pro, here’s a few things to consider before jumping the gun.

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by Unified World / 10.11.2015

Motorola Droid Turbo 2

The phone with a ‘Shatterproof’ display!

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by Unified World / 02.11.2015

Unified World Tech Days

We have some open days coming up, free demonstrations and new technology to explore.

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