Unified World Communications 5G internet is officially active...

5G Internet technology is officially now working, at least for one business customer.

AT&T recently announced on Monday 5th December that it is offering a trial service for a business customer over in the US. This development marks a huge milestone in development for the technology as companies race to get the correct protocols and equipment ready for wide use predicted currently by 2020.

This could quickly see the consumption of higher quality content including 4K movies, live conference calling and more phone calls over mobile data services.

5G could finally see an emphasis placed on The Internet Of Things, with more and more devices simultaneously connected to a mobile network. More reliability, less latency, this could allow for phone calls to finally be carried across the internet improving the reliability of a network as a whole with fewer dropped calls and improved signal in rural areas.

Vodafone currently boasts a huge 85% 4G coverage in the UK with plans still continuing to provide this to 98% before 5G implementation begins.

Vodafone was also recently named ‘Best in UK for mobile calls and best network in London’

5G can only mean greater things

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