Unified World Communications Android Oreo 8.1 update released

Android Oreo 8.1 update is here:


An x.1 software update typically focusses on major bugs fuxes rather than features. Android 8.1 is no different focussing on a variety of issues raised from the release of Android Oreo earlier this year. There are however a couple of minor additions to the feature list set to benefit users below:

What’s new?


When a user is using a bluetooth device connected to their handset a user can now see how much power is remaining from the ‘Quick Settings’ section.


Similar to iOS, Android phones with a fingerprint reader can now set it to disable automatically if an incorrect or unregistered fingerprint is detected multiple times. This is perfect for anybody who needs their device as secure as possible.

Focus on emoji?

Unicode typically has an annual update. This year this has meant there are over 50 new emoji available on Android with even more planned for 2018. In other words, your list of favourite emoji is about to get even bigger!

Recently there was some discussion on Twitter about Google’s depiction of a burger as an emoji. Ridiculous as it seems, the debate revolved around the stacking order of the popular food, specifically the location of the slice of cheese. Android 8.1 amends this emoji and adjusts the location of the cheese to be on top of the burger.


Android 8.1 is available now on all Google Pixel devices along with the Nexus 6P and 5X. More Android devices are expected to receive this update in the coming weeks.


Got any thoughts on what you would like to see a video review of or a quick blog on?

Do you have any feelings on the Burger emoji? Cheese on Top or Cheese on Bottom?

Let me know your thoughts on this @UWC_Anthony.


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