Unified World Communications Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch announcement 2014

The first generation Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 and later released in April 2015. The feature set was quite varied for such a small device. It was water resistant, had an app store, ApplePay, Siri and could make phone calls while tethered to an iPhone.

Series 3

So where are we now 3 years on? We have a full blown wearable with GPS, waterproofing, LTE and a much faster duel core processor. It feels very much like a refined wearable with the focus on fitness, health and portability. No longer are we tethered to our phones 24 hours a day. Fancy a run or a swim but need your hourly fix of notifications, fear not, Apple Watch Series 3 has you covered.

I’ve been a fan of the Apple Watch since it’s inception. I previously used FitBit and Jawbone to keep an approximate idea of how much exercise I was achieving. Apple Watch changed all that with daily goals, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, VO2 max levels, elevation tracking, GPS tracking and multiple workout options and styles. It added a mountain of features I couldn’t get before and this was just the fitness aspect.

With Apple Pay, I have the convenience of paying for a lot of my shopping or just quick lunches with my Apple Watch. I now get the majority of my notifications through my Watch so I no longer have to fetch my phone after each buzz. I can glance at my Watch and discard or action as and when required.

The Great Untethering

The Series 3 comes with LTE which allows you to take your watch and use it for a brief period without your phone with you. This will, in turn, have a drastic effect on battery life. So don’t expect to ditch your phone anytime soon. But the ability to now go for an outdoor run or swim and not require your phone on you in an emergency is a massive advantage over the competition.

Is this the way wearable technology is heading. Is this a stepping stone on its way to a wearable led future. A blog for another time.

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