Unified World Communications Bluetooth 5

Earlier in the year the ‘Bluetooth Special Interest Group’ announced that Bluetooth 5 would be the new standard for Bluetooth communication boasting new power saving techniques and range boosts.

When Bluetooth 4 came in along with the subsequent 4.1 and 4.2 updates, range, reliability and low power efficiency enabled a multitude of devices to be created and become more popular. Bluetooth headphones became common place. Smart home appliances, sensors, kettles, bulbs, some of these prefer Bluetooth as they do not require as much power to connect back to a local hub/gateway that a end user connects to.

With Bluetooth 5 being officially announced yesterday as the new standard for Bluetooth, what does this mean?

I can see this being another massive step in the evolution of the IoT. With Bluetooth 5 boasting whole-home coverage, the practical outdoor, industrial, and commercial applications would broaden significantly allowing even smarter homes and devices connected with our devices.

The official specifications boast “Key feature updates include four times range, two times speed, and eight times broadcast message capacity.”

This is a crucial moment for IoT, devices are breaking out left, right and centre. This is exactly what it needs to really push boundaries and take off.

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