Unified World Communications Donation of Huawei 3G Dongles from Unified World Communications

Unified World Communications are currently in possession of over 450 Huawei 3G USB Dongles. We are offering to donate to businesses and educational establishments that are involved in providing local services and facilities.

Why would I need a Dongle? A dongle is a small USB device used to connect a laptop or other mobile device to the internet and can deliver high speed internet access whilst stationary or on the move.

For example, in an educational environment where students have been provided with a laptop for learning support, the students can have internet access without the need for broadband access at home. And with Vodafone Content Control, student protection is improved.

In a business environment, travelling sales staff can gain internet access to send and receive emails without the need to connect to insecure Wi-Fi hotspots.

The Huawei dongles also have an SD card slot enabling them to be used for mass storage or even to create a micro server. The potential uses for the dongles are limitless.

The dongles are sim free and unlocked to any network. They are subject to donation providing a data connection is taken alongside them. For example, 1GB data for £8.33 per month ex VAT.
Unified World Communications are pleased to be able to offer this unique opportunity to any such establishments which may require them. Please note this offer is subject on a first come first serve basis.

What do you need to do if you are interested?

If you are interested in this opportunity, know of any business which may be in need of USB 3G Dongles or if you would like any further information, please send an email to help@unifiedworld.co.uk or call 01254 271 333.

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