Unified World Communications Finding a Kitchen Tablet for Moonira

Blackburn’s very own Moonira Hinglotwala is competing in the final of BBC’s Masterchef on Monday (9th April) so we thought we would give her some advice on getting a Kitchen Tablet

Tablets might not be for everybody. However, they are uncannily well matched to the kitchen. They can guide you through recipes or play Sky Q while not taking over as much counter space as a laptop. In contrast to the Echo Show and alternative screen-equipped smart speakers, you’ll be able to move them anywhere you wish while you prepare your meal.

How do you look for a tablet with kitchen use in mind? It is difficult since a number of the same old shopping recommendation goes out the window. Here’s what you’ll be wanting to think about if you are shopping for a tablet as a cookery companion.

Buy what you need?

When you are shopping for a tablet with one purpose like the kitchen in mind, don’t be concerned about getting the quickest, or largest tablet you’ll be able to afford. You do not need the most recent hardware to browse the ingredient list. Instead, you will need something that has simply enough performance and storage to handle your instruction and media app.

What constitutes “enough” is sure to vary counting on when you are reading this, thus we’ll spare you the deep dive on specs. However, there are some general rules. If you are at least slightly concerned regarding speed, search for a device with a processor and memory that will have been up-to-date a year ago. And if speed does not matter a lot of to you? you do not need to be too meticulous, though you may typically wish to avoid hardware that is either over 2 years old or cuts one too several corners. If you see less than 2GB of RAM or an ancient dual-core chip, you will need to steer clear.

What about storage?

Storage is sometimes easier to work out. At this time, 32GB is common even on budget tablets, and it’s always more than enough for reading a recipe and streaming media apps. You will need to think about 64GB or additional only if you either have several apps or want to play media held on the device itself. The microSD card slot you discover on some Android and Windows tablets may be useful if you are not convinced that 32GB is enough.

If there is any doubt regarding what is sensible, you can always use cost as a yardstick. Any tablet over £500 is probably going overkill for the room. Whereas £250 to £300 is in that sweet spot if you are willing to splurge a little. Even then, that might offer way more power than you would like. Amazon’s Fire HD 10 gives a solid performance for as very little as £150. It is also not arduous to search out alternative tablets within the £150–£200 range that create adequate cooking helpers.

Naturally, things changes if you intend to frequently use your tablet outside the kitchen. You now clearly have an honest reason to pay more for hardware just like the iPad pro or top Android tablet. If you know your tablet will function as a general-purpose workhorse. you’ll still need to exercise some restraint if you will be using it as a part of your meal-making, though. You don’t want to risk losing a maxed-out iPad professional or Surface Pro to a food mishap.

Think Design and Protection

As we’ve hinted, the kitchen is not precisely kind to tablets. Between ingredients and the flurry of activity that might send devices blinking to the ground. that doesn’t mean that you will need a rugged tablet. They have a tendency to be pricey, and are aimed at businesses. You will be happier searching for a design with solid construction and a healthy choice of cases to safeguard it.

Whether the chassis is formed of metal or plastic, a tablet should not feel flimsy. Nor should it have massive panel gaps where flour and other ingredients may get stuck. And when it comes to the case, make certain to get one that adds a layer of protection. You do not need to spring for a toughened case, however, it should provide a modest level of shock resistance. Ideally, it ought to even have a lip that stops scratches on the screen if you lay the tablet facedown.

For that matter, keep a watch out for tablets that either has inbuilt stands or a range of stand-equipped cases. Your tablet can probably need to sit upright while you are cooking. An inbuilt support will both preserve valuable countertop area and save you from having to shop for a dedicated stand. Although this can be far from a make-or-break component, it would prevent some problem.

Don’t forget to watch the 2018 final of Materchef on Friday 13th March

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