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Smart TV wars and providers that just can’t work together

Amazon Fire Stick, Kodi, Apple TV. Devices that connect to your TV which are sold with the promise of improving the television experience. Downloadable apps giving you the customisable content and games only you want access to.

Smart TV’s, whether standard or through an add-on device all believe they can offer you the future in television. Despite their unique offerings there are several major players in this industry who can never seem to get along.

Amazon and Apple work together…finally!

Amazon has finally released Amazon Prime Video as an App on the Apple TV. Two years since the debut of the Apple TV App Store, Prime Video can finally join the likes of Netflix, iTunes and BBC iPlayer on the Apple TV. This was something Amazon held out on for a long time due to the split of any money made from in-app subscriptions to the service. Apple previously took a 30% cut of this. Amazon refused to have the service on Apple TV until there was a little more fairness.

You can now use Siri on the Apple TV to search for a particular film and instantly discover if it is available on iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime or other services you subscribe to. This makes looking for a new movie super easy. In other words you don’t have to manually go into each app to search for a particular drama, Siri will do the hard work.

Google blocks YouTube from Amazon

Just as two giant businesses work together another steps in and disrupts the peace. Google (owned by Alphabet) have blocked access to all Amazon devices amidst a failed mutual agreement for access to products and services for customers of both companies.

This means that as of January 1st, YouTube will no longer be accessible from devices such as the relatively new Amazon Echo Show. The main feature of the device is a display to watch videos on. With YouTube out of the equation that limits the abilities of the Amazon Echo Show.

So where do smart TV’s go from here?

What is next? 4K is becomming more main stream. App stores are also spreading amongst the ranks. Netflix, Amazon and even Apple are now spending an enormous amount of money on original content to secure their place in your living room.

We are in the middle of a television revoluiton. A time where people may subscribe to services such as Sky for their live TV services and sports. Whilst others subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime for satisfying their nostalgia, binge watching 90’s TV shows. Some still buy DVD’s or even purchase movies from iTunes. Is this what TV is now? a mix of purchasing, subscribing and ‘channel flicking’ or are we moving towards a wholly subscription based platform based around apps of your choice.

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