Unified World Communications Huawei B3 tracker

Huawei are adding a new smart watch to their line up with the Huawei B3. The B3’s major new feature is that it has the ability to detach from its strap and act as a bluetooth headset for your phone, seeing as the device is already paired to your device via bluetooth this makes receiving calls hands free that much more convenient. Simply detach the headset when your phone rings, place it in your ear and take your call. The device is secured to the strap with a very strong magnet which has a quick release button on the side of the device.

The screen of the device is built for durability and longevity, made from Gorilla Glass and a display that is monochromatic the device is tougher than your average watch and able to withstand a multitude of bumps and scratches whilst maintaining a longer battery life without producing colours on screen.

The watch is also a fitness tracker with your standard walking, running, cycling, climbing and sleep tracking capabilities. It is compatible with Android and iOS alike so no matter the type of device you own you should find pairing the device a simple task.

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