Unified World Communications iOS 11 'cop button'

Over the last few years, security has become ever more prominent in our lives. But the law hasn’t caught up, recently there have been various stories of people who have been forced to unlock their phones by law enforcement via their fingerprint.

This may not sound like much but in some situations, this may not be appropriate and can be abused. A pin code is memory based and if you ‘forget’ your pin you cannot be forced to unlock your device.

Currently, in order to disable touch ID, you have to awkwardly use an incorrect finger a few times to lock you out, restart your phone or wait a few days without using your device before Touch ID forces you to re-enter your pin.

iOS Emergency Feature

Upcoming in iOS 11 is an emergency feature, similar to Apple Watch whereby you rapidly click the sleep/power button 5 times and a new menu pops up with an option to make an emergency SOS. This simultaneously calls your local emergency services and notifies your emergency contacts by text your last known location and that this is an emergency.

In the background with this, as soon as you click the sleep/power button 5 times, your Touch ID locks.

Simple as that.

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