Unified World Communications iOS 11 What's Coming Soon? (Updated)

iOS 11 What’s Coming Soon? WWDC 17 has begun along with the opening keynote by Apple announcing some latest updates in both software and hardware upcoming through the rest of the year. The main one consumers are most focussed on is what is going to change on their iPhones and iPads with iOS 11. iOS 11 seemed predominantly focussed on bringing the Pro back to iPad by refining and manipulating the existing system to increase productivity and make your everyday tasks simpler and quicker to achieve.

So here we go. 14 quick changes coming with iOS 11.

Dock – iPad

Add more of your favourite apps along the bottom of your iPad home screen and swipe up within an app to quickly open your most used apps.

Multitasking – iPad

From the dock drag one of your apps up and it will open in split view allowing you to open a new app whilst continuing your previous work.

Drag and Drop – iPad

As simple as it gets, whilst in Split View i.e. Mail and Notes. Tap, Hold and Drag an image or text from one app to another. This also includes files in the new Files app.

Apple Pencil – iPad

  • Instant Notes – wake up your iPad, just tap the screen with the Pencil and notes will automatically open allowing you to quickly make notes without navigating through apps.
  • Mark up – Take a screenshot (this now appears in the lower corner rather than going to photos), draw or sign the shot and send them on as PDF’s (perfect for signing documents.
  • Searchable Handwriting – Made a note with you Apple Pencil? you can now search through notes looking for the text you have handwritten.


The new files app allows multiple cloud storage locations to be accessed in one app, iCloud, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and more. As simple as that.


Document Scanner in notes now automatically scans, crops and auto-aligns a scanned document to it’s original format to easily store or sign.

Quick Type Keyboard

  • iPad – Traditional keyboards have a ‘shift-key’ option for alternate symbols or keys. On iPad swipe down on a key for an alternate symbol rather than switching to an alternate keyboard for symbols and numbers.
  • iPhone – Only got one hand free? – Hold the emoji icon to select one-handed typing (left or right) to temporarily shrink the keyboard in order to type with one hand.

AR (Augmented Reality)

iOS 11 is now AR ready with a new ARKit framework for developers to let loose with, this will allow the manipulation of reality through your device’s camera and display.

Live Photos 

Now editable, you can select a keyframe, trim the length of the Live Photo or set them to run on Loops, Bounce or Long Exposure.

Siri Translate (Beta)

Siri now has the ability to translate what you say into a number of languages including English to French, Spanish, German and Chinese.

Control Centre

Swipe up from the bottom and a single pane interface now takes over Control Centre in iOS 11 which is customisable. If you don’t use smart home accessories, remove it, if you have an Apple TV, add a remote. Completely customisable.

Lock Screen and Notification Centre Merge

Unlocked your phone too fast and missed your notifications, swipe down from the very top and see your lock screen with all your notifications there to access and clear.

Do Not Disturb – While Driving

Do not disturb is a great feature in a meeting or the theatre. Now Do not disturb whilst driving improves a drivers safety by severely restricting the ability to use your phone while driving, notifications will not come through, set auto-replies to any that do. You won’t be able to open Pokemon Go or access your home screen. You’ll essentially be able to use Maps.

Maps – Indoor, currents speed limit, lane guidance

Indoor maps of shopping centres and Airports, the current speed limit of the road you are driving on and lane guidance when a motorway gets a little confusing when you are needing to come off.

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