Unified World Communications iOS 9.3 adds data monitor to Wi-Fi assist mode

Since iOS 9 there has been a lot of controversy regarding Apple’s Wi-Fi assist mode. Multiple users complaining that their data usage has shot up considerably since upgrading to iOS 9 with Wi-Fi assist’s on by default.

Wi-Fi assist allows the users device to use their 3G or 4G data if they are in an area with a poor wi-fi connection without disabling their Wi-Fi or manually configuring any settings, this is to keep their browsing to a smooth level without dealing with lag or slow loading speeds.

The new iOS 9.3 beta which was released a couple of days ago attempts to remedy this situation somewhat by adding a small text line within the toggle option simply telling the user how much data Wi-Fi assist has actually used. A small change but something that users who continuously monitor their data will appreciate.

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