Unified World Communications Microsoft Surface Book

Yesterday saw Microsoft come out of hiding and show us an amazing line up for the holiday season full of mobiles, gaming peripherals, tablets and new hybrid laptops.

The new Surface Book laptop/hybrid was promoted as direct competition to Apple’s MacBook Pro as being twice as powerful, other specs and benchmarks are yet to be first hand compared as of yet.

Primarily the device is sold as a laptop computer but it comes with three possible configurations, allowing you to use it in the most creative or professional of environments. It can be used as a traditional standing laptop however similar to a lot of other current Windows laptops out there at the moment the screen can be detached and functions as a separate tablet. You can even re-dock it in reverse for it to act as a docked and slightly slanted canvas for creative work.

It is designed to work fully with touch, stylus or a mouse and also will arrive with multiple storage options starting at 128GB and working it’s way up to 1TB of flash storage. The battery is also said to last up to 12 hours. In a first off comparison it definitely looks like Microsoft is stepping up its game in the laptop industry and is very comparable to the MacBook Pro.

It will be refreshing to see what this new laptop brings to the market and how the competition will ramp their ideas up in the wake of this triple hybrid device.

The laptop is due for release on October 26th in the US, there has been no official confirmation if it will be released in the UK on the same day or for how much but expect it to be potentially around £999.

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