Getting quick, reliable broadband and data coverage is essential to the everyday workings of a business. Vodafone broadband and data coverage lets you get the fastest and most reliable service across your office and on the move. With packages which are bespoke to your company and its needs, you can be sure that you are paying for what you need, with extra services available should your business needs evolve.

Work as efficiently as possible by using ultra-fast data and broadband connections. You can easily connect your business infrastructure and ensure continuity with solid, reliable and fast services. Through the combination of static services in your office and large data allowances for when you are on the move, you can always stay connected to your customers and to those within your business. Contact Unified World today to find out more about the services available and how they can be tailored to help your business.

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Dedicated Internet Access

With the growing demand for Cloud-based services a company’s link to the internet has become crucial to its business continuity...

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Vodafone IP-VPN

Internet Protocol - Virtual Private Network (IP-VPN's) gives you a secure private network using the latest fixed and mobile access technologies. So you’ll enjoy cost-effective...

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