Despite all of the technological advances and new ways to communicate, traditional voice calls are still as popular as ever and form the backbone of business interactions. The advanced technology hasn’t left traditional voice calling behind though, as now crystal clear HD voice services are available to improve sound quality. Working off the 3G network, the majority of calls will be of better quality and then put through to your operators with the best functionality to help direct customer calls.

Digital and analogue business phone lines are available for your voice calls and can be complimented by a range of services provided through installed hardware or cloud services. This combination of services allows you to give the best service to your customers. Coupled with fast and reliable internet connections, you can be sure that you are getting the best for your business with Vodafone services from Unified World.

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Reliably connected

The Vodafone network is constantly monitored so you can be assured of maximum performance and reliability. It’s backed up by business grade service for the times you need support.

Competitive prices

We use an independent third party to analyse your current costs to see you how much you could save.

Easy to switch

We’ll do all the work to migrate your service, matching your current systems to our system. There’ll be no downtime or service disruptions and we’ll let you know when it’s complete.

Highly flexible

As your business grows we can work with you to expand your telephony services, whether that’s adding new phone lines to an individual site or by expanding to multiple sites.