Unified World Communications Password-less login

Google has recently announced that it is testing a new method of logging into your google mail account without using a password. Essentially this trial program allows specific trail users to enter their email address account without a password. A notification will be sent to the users mobile device, once accepted the website will allow access to the users email account.

It is designed to save time logging in whilst maintaining a higher standard of security over a standard password. Many companies at the moment have an optional two factor authentication set up, however this can take longer by adding extra steps to the log in process by forcing the user to enter their password and authenticate via email or another code on their chosen device. This new password-less procedure is designed to remove a step whilst increasing security by prompting another device for the log in.

A potential password breach allows anybody with your password access to your entire account simple as that. Where as this new system would still require permission from a secondary source however this would be instead of your password.

Going forward, I wonder how password-less tech will evolve. We have now got fingerprint readers and iris scanners on mobile phones, cash machines without pin code requirements via your banks app and password-less email access, security and privacy is increasing but will it be enough and will it be easy enough for the average consumer to take advantage of to replace a password with a process that involves them tapping a notification and gaining access via a mobile phone.

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