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Whether you have an iPhone, an Android or a Windows phone you have most likely used the personal assistant on your device at some point. Whether you use Siri, Cortana, S-Voice or Google voice, the evolution of the personal assistant in our devices has improved dramatically over the last 3-4 years.

Personal assistants give you the freedom to use your device in a situation where you may need to be hands or eyes free of the device, where instances such as making a call to somebody specific or dictating a message or email are required but you are currently unable to use your hands. These are some of the basic tools these personal assistants are capable of.

However over the last few years they have begun to improve in features and intelligence. Some are now able to utilise your personal information on device to determine where key landmarks in your life are such as home or work and you can request directions to either or without having to enter a full address, you are also able to:

Request reminders at specific time or location
Ask questions which require an internet search
A quick calculation for weight or currency conversions
The ability to post to facebook or twitter
Show you changes in stocks
Check the weather

Over the next few years companies are aiming to allow more ways of speaking to the personal assistants as you would talk to a person, asking the assistant to show you photos or documents from specific times or locations such as weddings or events based on your calender and photo etc.

If you are not currently using the personal assistant on your device, I would highly recommend beginning to as they reduce the amount of time needed to perform many tasks and in my personal use of iOS’s Siri, the more you use it the quicker and more reliable it gets at understanding what you are saying, individual accents and all that.

With the introduction of Smart Watches now utilising the personal assistants of your phone they are becoming even more useful on devices worn on your wrists. The ability to quickly read a text and reply without even getting your phone out is pretty useful and if the dictation feature is unable to pick up the exact words you are saying you have the option to send a message as a voice memo.

In my opinion personal assistants on your phone are extremely useful and more people should be using them more frequently to be more productive and save time. They are a feature which is quickly overlooked by many users. I highly recommend looking into which assistant you have and what it can do for you.

image credit: androidcentral.com

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