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WWDC 2017

WWDC 17 has begun along with the opening keynote by Apple announcing some latest updates in both software and hardware upcoming through the rest of the year.

Here we break down the 6 points Apple raised during it’s Keynote:

1.tvOS and Amazon Prime

While Apple TV didn’t see a hardware or software announcement they did tease the TV app which is currently only available in the US being available more widely along with the announcement that Apple and Amazon seemingly seemed to have resolved their differences and Amazon Prime Video is finally making it’s way over the the platform later in the year.

2.watchOS 4

  • New Siri Watch face, dynamically showing you different content through the day so you aren’t rotating through different faces or complications.
  • Activity and Workout improvements – added HIIT workout biometrics, NFC functionality for indoor gym equipment, new button to add a new workout instead of completing one and starting another.
  • Ability to control music quicker during workout (excellent with AirPods)
  • Vertical interface change in dock (currently horizontal)


  • VR – macOS High Sierra is this years version of macOS coming out later this year combined with the new iMac’s, MacBook Pro’s and iMac Pro coming out later this year this new OS upgrade seems focussed on support for VR (Virtual Reality) and external graphics cards. Looking like Apple is attempting to cater to one professional area they seem to always miss, gaming!
  • File System – High Sierra also integrate Apple’s new file system ‘APFS’ as standard throughout the system replacing the 30 year old HFS. When HFS was initially conceived storage running from SSD or flash drives weren’t even conceivable and as such a new file system is designed to use these new standard more efficiently. A demo of HFS duplicating 8GB of 4K video on a recent mac took 8 seconds which was followed by the same demo using APFS which was almost instantaneous. This 8 second difference may not impress everyone but on your day to day tasks this could restrict the amount of lag you see and allow for apps to open even faster.
  • HEVC – With 4k video becoming more popular macOS High Sierra fully supports H.265 which is the new compression standard ready for 4K video and future 4K streaming.
  • Photos – More ways to edit your photos, white balance, levels, curves and more 3rd Party support allowing you to take your photos to Photoshop and back to Photos without duplications or errors.
  • Advanced Tracking Prevention (My Favourite) – So you’re shopping on Amazon, looking at a new gadget but change your mind, you go to Facebook and that gadget is there in an ad, you look at news and that gadget is still there in an ad. Tracking Prevention is designed to learn which sites are connecting to others and removes the cross-site tracking so you are free to browse without being followed.
  • Autoplay videos be gone – Safari now stops unexpected and unwanted videos from autoplaying on other tabs or down the page. You can always push play!
  • iCloud Storage SHARED – You can now share you iCloud storage with family and friends using Family Sharing.

4.iOS 11

We explore 14 key changes coming to iOS 11 in our blog post here at:

iOS 11 What’s Coming Soon? (Updated)


  • New 10.5” and 12.9” iPad Pro with 120hz displays with dynamic changing dependant on content (images at 20hz, video at 40hz, games and animations at 120hz) when needed to conserve battery life.
  • New A10X chip powering the device with 6 cores. CPU clocked at 30% faster and GPU clocked at 40% faster than previous model
  • Display brightness increased to 600nits (equivalent to 600 lit candles) up from 511 on previous model.
  • New Display allows the latency with Apple Pencil to decrease to 20 milliseconds down from the previous 71 milliseconds. The market competition was the most recently announced Surface Pro with a 21ms latency combined with the Surface Pen.


Apple’s sort of take on Amazon Echo and Google Home a new 360 degree speaker designed to work independently or combined as a pair and with other pairs of HomePods in a household can simultaneously play music from any iOS, macOS or Apple TV device and with ‘Hey Siri’ you can control your music, send messages, ask about the weather or cinema times the usual Siri-escapades.


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