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Business Connectivity

If you need to do more than just connect to the internet, then we offer a wide range of dedicated, robust and cost-effective business connectivity solutions. You may be transferring a lot of data, have an ecommerce site or work in an industry where your business is the internet i.e. web design agencies. Whatever your requirements, at Unified World we can provide you with fast, reliable and secure connectivity.

We work with you to identify your connectivity requirements to ensure you receive the dedicated bandwidth and access speeds you need to be productive. This dedicated service is ideal for website connectivity, business internet use or connecting remote or third-party sites.

With the move from on-site solutions to cloud-based it is essential we can offer a reliable and high-speed service to our customers.

We provide a range of options to suit the individual requirements of businesses to ensure you future-proof yourselves against the ever-changing technological environment.

Our team work with you to identify the right choice of connectivity for your business in order to provide you with a platform to run your business cost-effectively and productively.

Dedicated Internet Access is ideal for businesses looking for a dedicated internet connection with guaranteed speeds, minimal downtime and flexibility to grow.

We can deliver this over a choice of dedicated circuits including EFM, GEA or Fibre Ethernet.

If you operate across multiple sites then we can offer a flexible and customisable solution to meet your individual needs.

Whether you’re connecting homeworkers, data centres, offices or disaster recovery sites, we can bring them all together via one secure and robust network.

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