YeaLink Phone

A Fully Hosted and Managed Telephony System

Talk Express

Are you ready for the End of Telephone Lines?

YeaLink Phone

A Fully Hosted and Managed Telephony System

Talk Express

Are you ready for the End of Telephone Lines?

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Office Phone Systems

With an array of systems on the market, choosing the most economical and practical system for your business is a long and arduous task. This task hasn’t been made any simpler since phone systems have evolved and can now be stored in the cloud.

At Unified World we have years of experience in the telecoms sector and understand that business growth, budgets and multi-site requirements play a huge part in determining the right office phone system for you.

Like any technology sooner or later it becomes obsolete.  BT supply the vast majority of the fixed-line infrastructure.  Starting in 2023, BT (Openreach) have decided to start closing the fixed-line hosting platform.  What this means is any old phone system which uses a physical landline will become redundant.  New phone systems are utilising broadband (hosted systems) as a cloud-based solution.

Talk Express is a brand new fully hosted and managed, IP telephony service. Running on BT’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network, calls aren’t routed over the public internet, ensuring the highest quality calls for your customers.

The service provides the functionality of a high-end telephone system (PBX), but with lower upfront costs.

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In a world where people work across multiple platforms and devices, from multiple locations, One Net Business makes things easy – by joining up your mobiles, landlines, desktops, laptops and tablets so they work together seamlessly.

It helps maximise productivity, save money and improve customer service. It’s proven, fully secure and instantly scalable. And it can be tailored to the precise needs of your organisation.

This fully integrated communications service is possible because Vodafone is the first network in the UK to offer a converged service for fixed and mobile phones.

Horizon is a complete communications service for business that provide an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal.

The service has lots of clever features and an emphasis on control and administration through the web which takes the burden away from your IT team.

8×8 cloud communications deliver the scaleability, security and reliability that today’s enterprises demand. Companies everywhere are turning to the cloud for a more flexible, comprehensive solution for their communications and collaboration needs.

A one platform solution for communications and contact center gives you one system of engagement and one system of intelligence that lets you arm employees with the exact tools they need to communicate, collaborate and access data and experts.

The ability to configure tailored plans across 8 service levels provides the lowest possible total cost of ownership. Enable your enterprise to operate at the speed today’s businesses require.

Microsoft Teams - Direct Routing

Give Microsoft Teams a voice

Many businesses utilising Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration can now benefit from the ability to make and receive calls by enabling Teams as a full cloud-based UC solution with enterprise-grade telephony.

Give your Teams a voice with confidence – benefit from a highly reliable, resilient architecture with Direct Routing, along with simple provisioning, enhanced call control features and carrier-grade infrastructure.

All provided at a competitive price, as a complete cloud solution.

PSTN Switch Off and the Now of Voice Services

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