Samsung s10 with Networks & O2

The most beneficial business combination
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Samsung s10 with Networks

Running Fast
The ultimate connectivity platform
Running Fast
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The most beneficial business combination customers enjoy all the benefits of the O2 network and its excellent UK coverage. In addition to this, we deliver a unique, powerful, additional layer of access to your account and the O2 network, which provides a level of account insight, and support beyond anything that any network is able to deliver.

Only tailored solutions to fit your business.

Working together we can find the perfect telecoms solution for you. Flexibility on pricing, contract lengths and tariffs delivered instantly online – that’s the difference.

Joined-up communications

Mobile, hosted voice & broadband…we can take care of all your business communications so you can focus on your business.

Combine these different channels and we will combine everything into one bill, managed via one online portal, with our team of experts working together to give you joined-up support.

Manage your own Mobiles

The Industry-leading Business-focused Mobile management platform

The ultimate connectivity platform

All your business telecom needs are managed in one, easy to use platform. Connected, configured and controlled by you, not the other way around.

Take charge of your destiny with the most advanced technology ever seen in the world of communications.

my.plan benefits

Boost productivity. Boost performance.

Keep your team safe and focused with enhanced productivity tools that can dictate streaming speeds and remove the threat of malicious content.

Save time. Save money.

Know how much you’re spending, where and when, with activity and usage views from the worker to the workforce.

Then take control with easy to use spend controls to help you to manage access and minimise overspend.

See anything. See everything.

Experience unrivalled transparency and control across your entire account.

With detailed insights and powerful controls to help you to track usage and minimise costs, anytime, anywhere.

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    Business Tariffs that dare to be different

    Mobile tariffs with are specifically designed for businesses – different to those you get on the High Street. You get more choice, business-focused service and they can grow with your business. Most importantly – they’re a starting point, not the final word.


    Whether you’re a heavyweight data user, an international caller or you prefer to travel light, pro.plan is the perfect way to stay connected and in control while on the move, including:

    • A huge range of data options
    • A whole new way to enjoy data
    • Unlimited minutes and texts

    pro.plan offers SEVEN generous data options, including an eye-watering 100GB, with unlimited minutes and texts that can be used in the UK and the Europe Zone.

    pro.plan switch

    pro.plan Switch is our worry-free tariff that always gives the best deal, no matter how much data you use and is perfect for businesses whose data usage varies month on month.

    pro.plan Switch reacts to your monthly data usage, automatically upgrade you to the best tariff.

    • 4G UK and Europe Zone data allowance every month1
    • Unlimited UK and Europe Zone minutes and texts2
    • O2 to O2 calls, receiving a call and voicemail is FREE in the UK
    • Six data upgrades with a 1GB data allowance as standard


    proshare.plan is our answer to business who want to pool their minutes, texts and data and share them across multiple handsets.

    proshare.plan offers a choice of 14 pooled data options, including jaw-dropping allowances of 1TB and 2TB, as well as unlimited domestic and Europe Zone calls and texts options that can be shared across multiple handsets.

    • Unlimited UK and Europe Zone minutes and texts
    • 4G UK and Europe Zone data allowance every month
    • Free O2 to O2 calls
    • Receiving a call and voicemail are FREE in the UK
    • Optional per-device UK and Europe Zone data allowances1

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    Why Unified World Communications?

    When you choose Unified World Communications, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company with vast experience in business telecoms.

    By finding out what is important to your business, we can create a tailored solution which best fits your business. We consider a wide variety of factors, such as business size, location, turnover, growth aspirations and anything else which is important to you and your business.

    We ensure that you know what is happening from start to finish, giving the best customer experience possible. From the initial contact and hands-on experience with our technology through installation, connection and onto the continued support, we make sure that we are your first and last point of contact.

    Multiple Base Stations Icon

    Network Independent

    As we deal with all the major networks, we remain totally impartial and independent. We will help you find the right deal, with the best coverage, for your business. With a reputation of being customer focused, we’re here to help.

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    Dedicated Account Managers

    You will be allocated a named account manager, who will be your first point of call throughout your time with us, providing support, advice and regular account reviews.

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    Costs Management

    We can complete monthly billing reports with recommendations on how to minimise your costs, while improving the service to your employees.

    Supply Chain icon

    One Supplier

    We can supply all your communications needs and make recommendations to help your business across you mobile, fixed line, data connectivity and Unified Communications.

    Years in Mobiles
    Dedicated Account Manager for you


    Can we trust Unified World with our business mobiles?

    With 35 years supplying mobile phones to business, we understand that every company is unique. Whether you are a single user, a small/medium business or a large enterprise, we work with your team to gather your individual requirements. By being honest and  transparent, we have a loyal customer community who regularly recommend us.

    What support do you offer?

    Your dedicated Account Manager will be your single point of contact for all queries. They will be supported by a dedicated team of technical services staff. They are fully conversent with all our products and the network services available. They can provide remote support to your phone when required.

    Can we keep our current numbers?

    Keeping your current mobile number has become a lot easier recently.  You still need to request your PAC code (Porting Authorisation Code) for your current provider.

    • Option 1 – text the word “PAC” to 65075 and you will receive a reply with your PAC Code.
    • Option 2 – Call your current provider and request your PAC Code

    Once you have the code, provide it to your account manager, who’ll take care of everything for you.

    What tariffs are available?

    With a wide selection of tariffs available, we recommend that our account manager assess  your call and data usage. This will ensure you get the right tariff at the right price.

    What if we use a lot of data?

    As part of our consultation, we will assess your data usage and recommend an appropriately sized data pot, whether this be dedicated to the user or shared across your company. We can even offer Unlimited UK Data options if needed.

    Can I use my phones while travelling overseas?

    Most tariffs have the ability to be used while travelling. This can be barred if you determine an employee should not be using the phone abroad.

    We always recommend that you contact your account manager to ensure the phone and tariff is setup correctly for the area you are travelling to.

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