PSTN Switch Off

PSTN Switch Off

Starting September 5th, 2023

YeaLink Phone

A Fully Hosted and Managed Telephony System

Talk Express

Are you ready for the End of Telephone Lines?

YeaLink Phone

OnHold Express

An all-encompassing audio solution for recording
messages, in-queue and on-hold music.

Samsung s10 with Networks

Business Mobiles

Network Independent and Tailored

Network Independent and Tailored for your needs

Business Mobiles
M2M Data Sims

M2M Data Sims

Specialist in providing data sims

Specialist in providing data sims for
machines and mobiles

5g sim cards


Visitor Management System

The only sign-in solution to offer full screening, sanitising and tracing!'

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Online Billing

Using this service, allows you to actively monitor and manage your account with us. Using this service, you can generate online billing reports, as well as administer the users and cost centres within your company in order to create a custom invoice summary.


  • Through the Unified World Online Billing software, our customers can view their charges and itemisations – both for the current period and historically
  • Secure system with username and password
  • Customers can be assured that their account information is hosted in a secure environment, only accessible by them.

Downloads and reports available

  • Customers can effectively manage their accounts; with the ability to download bills, run reports and analyse their call data.

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OnHold Express

OnHold Express Portal lets users record bespoke prompts, and stream or download customised in-queue and on-hold audio compilations, turning their voice services into the ultimate telephony customer experience to enhance your business

  • Vast library of regularly updated licence free music playlists
  • 50+ languages and dialects from 300+ voice artists
  • Instantly available prompts and marketing messages from best of breed text-to-speech characters
  • Message scheduling by date – ideal for seasonal, or campaign related advertising
  • Straight forward billing and on-boarding processes
  • 10,000+ ready to use prompts and messages, plus heaps of bespoke recording functionality



Customer Portal

Our self-service portal allows you to log and keep track of service cases online. This is where all your customer information and documents are held.

  • Open a new case online
    Your requests are sent straight to our customer services team.
  • View case history and add notes
    Keep track of progress with your issues and add notes are your case is updated.
  • Provide ratings and feedback
    Once your case has been closed, an email will be sent to you enabling you to provide feedback.
  • Browse your files
    You can browse and download any files available to you


For quick answers to many of your problem’s we have built an easy to search Knowledgebase for your use.

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