Telecoms Leasing

Acquire the latest technology
without the upfront cost

Acquire the latest technology
without the upfront cost


Leasing Options

Leasing is quite simply the process of acquiring new equipment via finance and paying for it in manageable monthly or quarterly amount over a fixed period. We work with suppliers and third-party lenders, enabling you to finance the equipment you need today, without outlay of large sums of money upfront.

By paying for the equipment monthly or quarterly, this will allow you to better utilise the cash within your business. Leasing is becoming a very popular alternative for businesses who do not wish to pay out vast sums of cash up front.  Leasing also allows businesses to budget more effectively and it also can give you a competitive advantage to access equipment your cashflow might not have been able to afford.

Leasing is available for all kinds of companies, from the newly formed, to SME’s, to PLCs, to public sector organisations.

Your business can lease the likes of; Desktop Phones, Telephone Systems, VOIP & Cloud PBX licenses, Mobile Phones, Tablet Computers, Digital Signage, Dash Cams, Laptops, Desktop Computers, Peripherals (headsets, keyboards etc.)

  • You don’t have to pay the full cost of the asset up front
  • Flexible repayment periods
  • Tax allowable – rentals are an operating expense and so are 100% tax deductible
  • You have access to a higher standard of equipment, which might be too expensive for you to buy outright
  • You pay for the asset over the fixed period of time that you use it, which helps you budget for the future
  • As interest rates on monthly rental costs are usually fixed, it is easier to forecast cashflow
  • You can spread the cost over a longer period of time and match payments to your income
  • On ‘long funding leases’ – finance leases over seven years and sometimes over five years; and some long operating leases – you can claim capital allowances on the cost of the assets
  • If you need to upgrade or replace the equipment, you can simply make a small adjustment to your regular payment rather than invest a lump sum upfront
  • Keep your credit lines intact — Leasing does not affect any of your existing credit lines
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