Telecoms Management

A Full Lifecycle for your Telecoms Estate

Communications are the lifeblood of all businesses; we simply cannot operate without communications. The challenge for many businesses is managing the communication assets which can become complex, time consuming and costly.

Outsourcing communications helps remove the stress and pressures of running your own communications, whilst also reducing costs. So, how can Unified World Communications help? We already look after thousands of outsourced connections for our clients.

At Unified World Communications, we provide full telecommunication management and actively work with your business to help keep costs down while achieving high standards.

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Asset Management

We can allocate devices to individuals, track usage, block/bar numbers, cap expenditure, provide support with devices and facilitate in replacing faulty/damaged devices.

Account Management

From handling billing queries and changing tariffs, through to providing additional data, texts and calls, our account management team handle every aspect of your telephony administration and management, so you don’t have to. We can manage individual projects and procurement from start to finish.

Billing Analysis

We analyse bills before the start of each contract to identify opportunities where we can save you money. Every month we ensure that overspend is kept to a minimum and any user(s) not adhering to your set rules will be notified and barred from future overspend.

Customer Support

Our customer service team take out the hassle of managing communications. We have extensive experience in dealing with B2B customers. They are always on hand to advise on troubleshooting and fault management, working towards agreed SLA’s.

Network Partnerships

With over 30 years’ experience and best practice in the telecom sector, Unified World has built strong relationships with all the major global networks and are constantly monitoring network coverage, potential downtime and updates. We also get access to some of the latest industry news which we pass on to our clients.