M2M Data Sims

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M2M Data Sims

At Unified World we possess the knowledge and expertise to work with manufacturers to provide connectivity for M2M (Machine to Machine) technology.

M2M Sims are different to your typical mobile sim card and the volume of data generated by M2M applications is relatively small compared to the wider mobile data market.

M2M technology enables devices, sensors or ‘things’ in general (part of the IoT) to communicate with each other. Connectivity is achieved by either inserting or embedding a M2M data sim in the device that is later configured with a centralised server where all the usage data is collected and can be analysed.

At Unified World our customers represent a variety of industries; typically across industrial and automotive applications. Examples of use include vehicle tracking, energy metering, control & monitoring, vending machines & payment terminals, fleet management, quality management and asset tracking and traceability.

There isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to selecting the right M2M Data Sims package. Our team will sit and discuss your requirements and discuss factors such as:

  • Range
  • Bandwidth
  • Quality of Service
  • Application
  • Power Requirements
  • Accessibility
  • Size
  • Cost

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