VoCoVo Go Wireless

for the Retail Sector

VoCoVo Go Wireless

for the Retail Sector

VoCoVo Go Wireless

for the Retail Sector

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Designed and developed using the latest DECT technology, VoCoVo Go is ideally suited for teams working in retail environments.

Built around a unique multi-cell configuration, your in-store communication tools need to be long-lasting, well made and fully integrated to better achieve the goals of your business. Whether in retail, warehousing, or events, VoCoVo solutions deliver instant crystal-clear communication to teams.

At the heart of every VoCoVo solution are lightweight headsets that enable colleagues to communicate instantly using full-duplex conferenced communication. VoCoVo also offers a range of fully integrated communication devices.

VoCoVo Go is ideally suited to teams that need to communicate instantly across a wide area such as:

  • Retailers
  • Garden Centres
  • Restaurants
  • Warehousing and Production Sites
  • Conference and Event Management Teams
  • Amateur Dramatic Groups
  • Care Homes
  • Teams of all shapes and sizes that need effective instant communication

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    VoCoVo Wireless Headsets

    VoCoVo Go headsets offer simple to use wireless team communications, with crystal-clear audio enabling your teams to communicate instantly across the widest areas.

    Built around proven digital audio technology, communications between colleagues is simple and intuitive.

    The robust headset has been ergonomically designed with three detachable wearing style options. Padded earpieces and lightweight construction make it flexible and comfortable to wear, essential for a headset with a 48-hour battery life.

    Key Features

    • Lightweight and robust design
    • Digital voice encoding means crystal clear audio
    • Large Push To Talk button
    • Up to 1000 headsets can be conferenced simultaneously
    • TalkLock option for handsfree full-duplex speech
    • Mute feature silences the headset while dealing with customers, but reminds you it’s muted
    • Integrated battery with up to 48 hours of battery life from a single charge
    • Rapid recharge in less than 3 hours (25% in 30mins)
    • Integrates with existing telephony systems
    • Wide coverage up to 120m. Range extended simply by adding multiple hubs and range extenders
    • Interchangeable wearing styles for comfort: Headband, Neckband and Ear Hook.

    VoCoVo Go Hub

    The VoCoVo Go Hub provides the wireless backbone to the range of VoCoVo devices. The Hubs can be used in isolation (standalone) or networked to provide a multi-cell wireless infrastructure.

    The VoCoVo wireless backbone integrates Headsets, Handsets, Smart Devices, Checkout Keypads, Customer Call Points, Smart Buttons, Badges and Wearables. VoCoVo devices communicate within a conference to provide team communications and individually when one to one communication is required.

    With a range of up to 120 metres at each cell and multi-cell capability, VoCoVo can cover the largest of sites with ease. From multi-floor / multi-department retail sites to stadiums and beyond.

    Key Features

    • Up to 1000 Wireless VoCoVo Headsets/Devices in a system
    • Highly scalable systems from 1 to 250 Hubs
    • Up to 100 VoCoVo Range Extenders in a system
    • Easily add and remove VoCoVo Headsets/Devices
    • Colleague and customer requests from Wireless Checkout Keypads and Call Points
    • Full duplex audio between Headsets/Devices and Checkout Keypads/Customer Call Points
    • Inputs such as self-service checkouts and alarms keep colleagues informed and aware
    • Remote configuration and firmware upgrades
    • Network Integration IEEE802.3af POE for simple installation
    • Multi-hub radio with seamless handovers between hubs
    • Optional integration with telephony systems
    • Expandable to incorporate integration of additional systems and devices such as VoIP devices, Fire/Security Systems, Radio Paging and Smart Phones

    VoCoVo Go Device Docks

    The VoCoVo Go Docks are designed specifically to work with VoCoVo Headsets, Call Points and Keypads providing optimum charging conditions to maximise the battery life of each device.

    The Docks are a safe and secure method of storing devices reducing the risk of loss or accidental damage. The modular design means that the number of charging slots can quickly and easily be expanded.

    The racks have been developed specifically with a small footprint and an attractive design. Devices achieve full charge in less than 3 hours. The Docks then keep the devices at full charge ready for use.

    Key Features

    • Will simultaneously charge up between 5/6 devices
    • Easy to understand LED Indicator shows charging status
    • Dock automatically switches the Headset to standby when removed from the docks
    • Changing circuit is designed to optimise battery life
    • Docks contain short circuit protection
    • Can be wall mounted (wall rack attachment required)
    • Individually replaceable headset modules**

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