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M2M Data Sims

Online Billing

Making account management simple

Online Billing - Home
M2M Data Sims

Online Billing

Making account management simple

Online Billing Reports
M2M Data Sims

Online Billing

Making account management simple

Online Billing Downloads
M2M Data Sims

Online Billing

Making account management simple

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M2M Data Sims

Online Billing

Making account management simple

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We hope this simple user guide will help you to understand the core features and functionality within Online Billing.

If you have any questions or comments or need help gaining access to Online Billing, please contact us using the information in the help and support section of our Online Billing, the contact details on our main website or the details located on any supplied invoice.

The home page provides instant access to information relating to the selected billing month. Online Billing opens showing the latest invoice (Billing Period) and if you want to review other months, you can select them from here.

The home page will show various sections as defined below. Depending on the type of invoice selected (Monthly or One-off ) different controls will show in this section. If a selected Billing Period has a Monthly type all sections will show, however if the Billing Period only contains One-off types, then all sections other than the ‘Invoice Summary for Billing Period’ sections will be hidden.

Welcome Message

  • Shown at the top of the screen under the tab strip

Customer and Invoice Selection

  • The Billing Period field allows you to define what month the data on this
    page relates to

Invoice Summary for Billing Period

  • Provides high-level details of the invoices for the selected billing period
  • The Invoice Type field shows either Monthly or One-off. Monthly types may have calls and or usage in them but One-off types only have charges.

Observations for Billing Period

  • Only relates to Monthly Invoice Types
  • Provides high-level observations based on this month’s invoice details compared to last month’s.

Usage Summary for Billing Period

  • Only relates to Monthly Invoice Types
  • Shows basic details of the usage of this month’s invoice compared to the last two months (if data exists)

Invoice Charges for Billing Period

  • Only relates to Monthly Invoice Types
  • Shows the invoice charges broken down by types of spend

Call Charges for Billing Period

  • Only relates to Monthly Invoice Types
  • Shows the invoice call usage broken down by types
Online Billing - Home

This section allows you to view the detail of any uploaded invoices onscreen.

  • Both Monthly recurring invoices and One-off sales invoices (or credit invoices) will be available depending on what has been uploaded.
  • Depending on the Invoice Type you can view all relevant sections.
  • Monthly Invoices allow full details to be viewed including CLIs and all charges on the bill (including calls and other charges like rentals). Full call itemisation can be accessed, and filters applied to either the whole invoice, service centre or CLI.
  • One-off Invoices do not have calls and so the Call Itemisation option is disabled.

Customer and Billing Period Selection

  • Select the customer (if you have more than one customer setup) and billing period required or just click on relevant details, itemisation or download buttons of the required invoice line. As default all invoices will show for the selected customer.

Invoice Details

Buttons on these pages:

  • Details
    • Shows the details of the selected invoice and selected section within that invoice
  • Monthly Invoice Type
    • When you click the ‘Details’ button it will take you into the next level of the invoice and so on, down to
      individual CLI/Number level information

One-off Invoice Type

  • Shows the details of the invoice


  • Monthly Invoice types show usage for the selected invoice and selected section within that invoice. The itemisation page allows the user to filter usage items based on a wide selection of filter options. The user can then download that filtered section.
  • One-off invoice type disables this option


  • Takes the user to the Downloads page

The Reports section allows you to preview pre-defined reports that relate to the billing month selected. Click the relevant report link to view the report.

Once a report has been selected Enlighten displays the information on screen (table, line graph, pie chart) and allows you to download the report in either CSV or Excel formats using the buttons on this page.

Customer Bill Period

  • Use this to select the required customer and invoice combination
  • All reports run in the other sections on this page will be based on the customer and billing period selected here

Overview Reports

  • Provides three high-level reports to allow you to see the details of the selected invoice.
  • Invoice Breakdown
    • This gives you the ability to drill through the core cost groups of an invoice and then to see the detail of the selected charge type. Selecting a charge type link opens a new section that provides the breakdown by CLI for the selected charge type.
  • CLI Summary
    • This allows you to see all CLIs (numbers) that had a charge of any type on the chosen billing period.
    • It lists the following items for each CLI.
      • Call Spend, number of calls and total duration
    • Usage Profile Summary – Combined
      • This shows all usage for the chosen billing period / invoice grouped by call type

When calls were made Reports

  • Groups of reports that show calls based on times and dates

High Usage Reports

  • Two groups of reports detailing information based on either the originating number or the dialled number details.

Call Profile Reports

  • Two groups of reports based around usage summary and usage detailed information
Online Billing Reports
Online Billing Downloads

This section allows you to download Monthly invoice sections (or the whole invoice) as well as One-off invoices in either PDF, CSV or Excel formats. You must select which Customer and Billing Period you want to download data for, and for which sections of the bill.

The PDF downloads are held within the ‘Your PDF Downloads For Period…’ section for up to 7 days. Whilst large downloads are created, you can use the rest of the site. Completed reports appear in the ‘Your PDF downloads For…’ section when ready to download. When selecting a One-off invoice type the itemisation section is disabled.

Customer and Invoice Selection

  • Use this to select the required Customer and Billing Period combination together with the required invoice
  • Set Your Preference for Billing Period

PDF Selection and Download

  • Using the on-screen section fields choose what you want to download and press the ‘Download PDF’ button
  • The chosen selection will present themselves in the ‘Your PDF Downloads’ section ready for you to download.
  • For One-off invoice types, only the Include Invoice Page checkbox is available for selection

Invoice File (CSV or Excel)

  • This will download the selected invoice as an electronic file in the chosen format. This is not an Excel version of the PDF but rather a file that contains all the details of the chosen invoice

Itemisation (CSV or Excel)

  • Using the on-screen selection boxes, choose what itemisation usage you would like to download and then select the required format.
Your PDF Downloads For Billing Period
  • This section lists the PDF downloads as selected in the PDF download section and allows you to download the PDF information.
    • Status Columns
      • A Download Ready link will show when the PDF is ready for downloading
      • The link will change to Downloaded when you have downloaded the PDF

This section lists all numbers within your account(s). You can search and filter on numbers (plus other key values) within the selected account. Clicking a number link will show the following details but it should be noted that options may have been set by us, where some of the following do not show:

Update details

  • Shows you basic details of the number and if the option is switched on the ability to update these field values into both Enlighten within our billing platform.

Bar Settings – Mobile Number Type Only

  • If enabled by us, the section will allow certain bars to be added to remove from the mobile number. These requests are sent directly to us as well as on the number network. Status updates are provided on-screen to confirm requested changes have been made.
Onine Billing Services
Online Billing Uniied

If enabled, this section provides you with unbilled usage information as processed overnight for the previous day’s usage. The graphs sum the unbilled usage until that usage has been billed on an invoice.

At that point, the unbilled usage graphs are updated to remove what was unbilled and has now been billed. The values shown are not cost-related, but rather as an indication of the volume of usage for data, voice and SMS where those usage items have occurred. If no usage has occurred for a given usage type, the unbilled usage so far column will be blank.

High-Level Summary

  • This shows the three groups of the usage information for unbilled usage so far for the month compared with last month’s actual billed usage.

CLI Summary

  • Provides a list of all CLIs that have unbilled usage linked to them. You can search and filter on the grid values. Clicking on the itemisation button against a selected number will opens the CLI itemisation section.
  • You can download a .csv file of the selected data

CLI Itemisation

  • Provides a full itemisation of all usage for the selected number with the ability to search and filter
  • You can download a .csv file of the selected number

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