We all know you shouldn’t spend too much time in the sun. But what if you leave your phone out on a hot summer day? To function at its best, your phone needs to be protected from extreme temperatures just like you.

The phone will eventually overheat if left on a table in the sun or in a hot car. There can be all kinds of problems caused by this, from battery issues to data loss. And that’s not all. Check out these 5 reasons why you shouldn’t leave your phone out in the sun.

Eventually, the touchscreen will stop working

The metal and glass on your phone absorb heat very quickly and can reach scolding temperatures quickly. A phone left out in the sun for too long will quickly overheat and stop working. Unless you put it in the shade right away, you can get everything from small glitches to freezing features and even total malfunctions.

Complete Loss of Power

When your phone gets over 95 degrees, it will shut down. It’s a good thing some phones, like the iPhone, have sensors that tell you when they’re overheating. In other words, if you see the warning message, take your phone out of the heat before it shuts down.

Loss of charge on the battery

Battery charge can be lost very quickly when exposed to the sun. Leaving the phone in the sun for a long time puts even more strain on the battery. You could actually lose your phone’s ability to charge if you’re not careful.

Corruption and data loss

Sun damage can also do irreparable damage to your phone. It can cause data loss, motherboard failure, and even internal corruption to your files if you’re exposed to too much heat.

A leaking battery or one that catches fire

Keeping your phone in the sun for too long can also cause its battery to leak. It can even catch fire if it doesn’t cool down, causing more damage than it’s worth.