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June saw the launch of the 5G network across a number of cities in the UK. So, what does this mean for business and smart devices in general?

5G is the next evolution – fifth generation – in mobile networks. As well as being much faster than previous ‘G’s, it is also set to open up lots of new use cases for mobile data – and that, hopefully, means new business opportunities.

Increased Bandwidth: This means that you won’t feel like you are fighting for data with all of the other users when entering crowded spaces such as sports arenas and airports.

Faster Speed: With more of the network dedicated to each individual smart device, smart devices will be able to run faster than ever before. Livestreaming and downloading of video will no longer be a waiting game.

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Development of New Technology: Smart devices will be able to run software applications that are currently only accessible on PCs and laptops. More and more tasks are being transitioned from the world of computers to the world of smart devices and 5G will speed up this transition.

Reduced Delays: You’ll see much less delay or lag when using your phones and other devices. With 4G networks, latency is typically around 40-50 milliseconds. With 5G it should be 1 millisecond or less, which is undetectable to the user.

Increased Reliability: 5G is expected to be ‘ultra-reliable’, meaning no dropped calls or connectivity, which will allow more ‘critical’ use cases such as those related to digital health and connected cars.

Improved Battery Life: While all this sounds like it might drain your battery pretty quickly, actually 5G is being tipped to extend the battery life of devices by up to ten times.

A report from PSB Research, which surveyed over 3,500 people including business decision leaders, analysts and tech enthusiasts, found that as a result of 5G: 91% expect new products and services that have yet to be invented, 87% expect new industries to emerge, 82% expect small business growth and more global competition, 85% expect it to make companies more globally competitive and 89% expect increased productivity.

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