Children have so many toys, but all they seem to want is a phone or a tablet. Here is a list of just some of the slightly annoying things children might do with your devices.

They think they can eat your phone

“No baby Brian, my expensive phone isn’t food.” How many times have you found your earphone connector doesn’t work anymore due to it being full of saliva? Even when you resort to letting them have an old phone, they still somehow get hold of your actual phone with their ninja skills.

Do you have any games?

Kids think that everyone has the most amazing games loaded on their phone. If you don’t, there is big trouble. But when you do let them play on your phone they get annoyed if they don’t know how to play your choice of games. Although every smart parent already has the CBeebies apps ready to go!

Disabling your phone

The swiping skills of a young baby and how they like to press numbers is very impressive, but it can be difficult when you can’t actually get into your phone for 30 minutes because they keep managing to disable it.

Making calls

How do they even know how to do this? You think they were just babbling away to themselves but then you hear a quiet, “hello!” No the house isn’t haunted, baby Brian has just called someone on your phone and to make it worse it was your boss!

They love making friends

They manage to navigate to your social media page and you find a giant list of pending friend requests of people you don’t even know. Even worse, you don’t know who might have already declined! But at least you can get to know your colleague’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin now.

Taking pictures

When you get your device back and you find hundreds and hundreds of pictures of your little one’s nostrils, top of their head, blurred and blank pictures. You will be in for a real treat if they have managed to turn on the time-lapse function.

Using all your 4G

When you get a text to say you have no data left even though you have about 50G and you realise they have been on your phone watching and downloading programmes and playing games, but without WIFI turned on.

Draining battery

“Your phone isn’t working!” Though it is just because baby Brian has used all your battery playing games, watching shows or just trying to guess the password.

Throwing your phone across room and smashing it

They think that things are indestructible and it doesn’t matter if they throw your phone across the room in anger, or drop it onto your tiled floor, or into the toilet, the sink – anywhere really. There’s only so much rice can fix.