Spam Calls

Everybody knows what it’s like to receive an automated or a spam call. Sometimes these are call centres asking about your insurance trying to bag a quick sale. Others potentially fraudulent calls with automated messages recording your voice or inviting you to call back. As a matter of fact, the primary focus of these is to typically result in you losing money. If possible, avoid giving away personal details or accepting the call if you are not expecting it as you may be charged.

If you receive an international call

Recently phone users around the country receiving calls from a non-UK number and being charged for receiving the call or dialling the number back after being hung up on. At the moment one regular country code that appears to be coming up is +252. This code indicates the call is originating in Somalia.

If your business does not operate in Somalia we would highly advise disregarding these calls and blocking the incoming number on your handset or on your phone system.

What are the networks saying

Vodafone is aware of the issue and actively patching exploits for calls such as these. Vodafone is also blocking numbers that are specifically used for this purpose. With this in mind, if you would like to help please text “CALL” to 7726 and a member of the Vodafone team will call you back to take note of the number and ask for more information regarding the call.

We have reached out to other networks for how they are tackling this problem.

How to block numbers

We have several ‘How To’s’ to assist in blocking a number. However, depending on your device you may require a different guide. Please email us at if you require some more information.

Block numbers on One Net

Block numbers on iPhone