A normal phone line is better for making calls than the Internet

In the early days of internet telephony, this may have been true. Technology has advanced greatly in the last few years – the network connectivity has improved dramatically. There are no more dropouts, tinny voices, echoes or delays, just crystal clear audio.

The better your internet connection, the better the quality of your calls.

It is unreliable. What happens if the cloud fails?

Compared to PSTN lines (public switched telephone network – the traditional landline telephone network), digital lines are actually more resilient. For instance, our digital services run on multiple data centres. When one fails, no problem. When one fails, the traffic automatically switches to the backup and the service continues uninterrupted.

A lack of bandwidth will prevent calls and data from working

The vast majority of businesses don’t notice any problems because calls don’t consume as much bandwidth as you might expect. Whenever we provide a digital phone system, we always discuss how you will use it. Our team can then make sure that you have the right type of connection for your needs and plenty of bandwidth to spare.

All of this sounds very technical. I am not very technical.

You don’t need to worry. Driving cars doesn’t require that you know what’s happening under the hood. We’ll help you get your staff up to speed if you choose one of our systems. Digital phone systems are actually easier to manage than on-premises systems.

Users can be moved, added, or changed with just a click using a simple web admin interface. All updates and maintenance are remote and timely, so there’s no waiting for an engineer or a physical upgrade. All updates and features are always up to date.

My old phone system needs to be replaced, and it will be a big job.

With the right planning, it can be quite easy. When running separate voice and data networks, you can bring them together provided you have the bandwidth (and, if it needs to be topped up, we can arrange that). It is possible for you to replace your entire phone system in one go or phase it in one office at a time. The choice is yours.

When you opt for a hosted service from us, the process is even easier. We’ll handle installation, set-up, and ongoing management. IP (internet protocol) phones are required for digital phone services and are the type of phone you need if you wish to use the internet instead of the PSTN network. This means that you will need to replace any handsets that are not compatible with digital phone services.

The only thing you need to do to make calls is plug in an IP phone or download an app and use a headset.

Because I’ll need a new number, I’ll lose customers

If you prefer, you can continue to use your current numbers. Consider it an opportunity to review your numbers and determine whether you still need them all.

Digital systems offer the advantage that you can use the same number on multiple devices, wherever you are, as opposed to landlines. You can answer a customer call from anywhere you can get an internet connection, so your customers can ring your office number. That way, you’ll never miss a call again.

Digital phone systems don’t allow you to do as much

Possibly back in the very early days, this might have been true, but not now. Unlike on-premises phone systems, cloud systems offer a wide range of features. These include call forwarding, diversion, hunt groups, etc.

By integrating your telephone system with your business applications, you can offer fast, fluid, and effective customer service. With our mobile app, you can extend your desk phone to your mobile (and laptop), so your office can move wherever you are.

Due to your phone number going anywhere you go, your customers may assume that you’re in your office, helping you create an impression of a local presence.

Since it runs over the internet, it can’t be trusted, right?

False. The system is as safe as you choose to make it. Providing you have an internal secure network, your phone network will be safe. You can protect your calls and data with firewalls, encryption, authentication, and employee training. Perhaps even more so than with the PSTN.

This is not for me. Only big companies can afford it

Once again, not true. Anyone can use it, whether they are a sole trader or a large corporation.

It’s easy to use due to its flexibility, agility, and scalability. You can find a digital phone system that’s perfect for every business, regardless of its size, ranging from a single line pitched at microbusinesses to a full collaboration system for a large company with hundreds of employees. Starting small and growing as you go is entirely up to you.

As your business grows, it’s easy to add more phones to it as you need them. It’s truly a versatile solution. As a result, your customers will experience a better, more professional experience with you.

It must be pretty expensive to have something this good

Not at all. Saving money is one of the major reasons why so many businesses have already switched to a digital solution. You can easily expand or reduce the number of users without incurring the high costs associated with PSTN.

The system is also very cost-effective to run. Rather than paying for installation, operation, and maintenance, you’re paying for the service. Hardware isn’t required on-premises, and there is no ongoing maintenance. Our system allows you to allocate features separately to your people, so you only pay for the features you need.

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