How does the Samsung Flagship stand after 2 months of usage?

Outstanding, this is the only word I can use for this device. With its Triple lens rear Camera and edge to edge display this device is a real pleasure to use daily.

The in-screen finger print reader had some teething problems but with a software update from Samsung now works flawlessly.

The battery life isn’t ground breaking as you would expect from a device with a screen that’s 6.4 Inches, but it certainly gets me through the working day with a mixture of social browsing, email usage and phone calls.

The Triple Lens Camera makes taking photographs a joy especially when taking landscape pictures. The front camera has the ability to blur out the back ground making those selfies stand out even more!

The latest Android Version 9 with Samsung’s One UI Version 1.1 is buttery smooth, after 2 months of usage I haven’t noticed any issues or flaws. Compared to my previous Device it feels like the Ferrari of the tech world!

I have tested the Wireless Power Share feature and it does work surprisingly well in a test environment however I can’t see a real requirement for this apart from possibly charging your Galaxy Ear Buds!

To summarise, this is one of the greatest devices I have ever had the pleasure of using. It does everything I need to do in a work environment and everything I need it to do in a social environment all packaged up with a beautiful screen and crystal-clear audio!

Reviewed by Simon, Unified World

Key Selling Points

  • Ergonomic fingerprint sensor
  • 21:9 display for watching video
  • Large and high-quality screen
  • Google Assistant
  • Dual camera
  • Latest Android OS
  • Good video quality

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