iPhone 11 Has Arrived!

The iPhone 11 has one big feature that will really matter to users, and more so than any other element: it's got a killer price. While the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max steal the show in [...]
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Is your Sign-in Book Breaking the Law?

Can your visitors see who has been in the building before them? Are their personal details on show for everyone to see? This is a GDPR breach and your establishment could face a substantial fine. [...]
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Galaxy A10 Phone Review

How does Samsung’s new entry level Galaxy A10 stand up? After a week of using the Samsung A10 - the little brother of the Samsung range - I found the device to stand up particularly [...]
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Yealink T46 Review

Should you consider the Yealink T46s for your VOIP System? The Yealink T46s has proven to be a popular device for businesses moving over to a hosted phone system. With its sleek design and 4.3” [...]
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