With the Sony Xperia 10 hitting the market, let’s see what the industry and reviewers think of this mid-range smartphone.

While its internal specifications are hardly worth shouting about – it’s fitted with a not-so-fancy Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset and a measly 3GB of RAM – the Xperia 10 does something slightly different to its mid-range rivals.

Indeed, you might want to pick up Sony’s new handset for its unique display. Rather than sticking with the current 18:9 standard, Sony has increased the aspect ratio of its front-mounted panel to 21:9. This means the phone is quite a bit taller than the rest, with more screen space for your Instagram feed and Netflix binges.

The problem is that you’re expected to pay £299 for such a privilege. This puts Sony’s latest handset in the crosshairs of a veritable firing line of mid-range sharpshooters and it’s not a firefight I think the Xperia 10 is likely to survive.

Source: Expert Reviews