Leased lines, or dedicated lines, are internet connections reserved exclusively for your use. With it, you get an ultrafast, reliable connection directly into your office – no matter what time of day it is. Your bandwidth won’t be shared with anyone else with a dedicated leased line, so you won’t have to worry about other premises streaming live content or services slowing down.

Thanks to their bandwidth, leased lines aren’t just great for businesses with multiple locations, but they’re also perfect for remote workers.

You’ll get uncompromised speed and connectivity with your business leased lines. You don’t have to compromise with a shared line. It’s a solution that’s available at a surprisingly affordable fixed monthly rate, and dedicated leased lines offer a guaranteed data flow and a dedicated communication channel.

Why do you need a leased line?

Businesses have a lot to gain from dedicated leased lines, so what do they gain? Does a leased line make sense? Check out some of the key benefits of business leased lines.

How come leased lines are faster?

You can get a private connection from your internet service provider to your office or workspace via business leased lines. Even during peak times, you can count on high speeds and reliable connectivity since it isn’t shared with other businesses.

More business in less time

Data can be sent and received fast with leased lines. With leased lines, you can choose your speed, usually from 10MB to unbeatable speeds of up to 10Gbps. To ensure your business runs smoothly, you can rely on the speed of your leased line at any time.

Bandwidth on leased lines

Are you looking for fast upload and download speeds? Nothing to worry about! It’s uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth whether you’re uploading or downloading. On the other hand, broadband offers decent download speeds, but isn’t as fast when it comes to uploads. Your VoIP phone system, video conferencing, streaming or broadcasting, cloud backups, and sending large files all need a fast upload speed. When multiple employees rely on your connectivity to get their jobs done, it’s crucial to operating efficiently.

What’s more secure, leased line or broadband?

In 2022, businesses across the UK were attacked every 46 seconds, the result of a 20% rise in security threats. Global pandemic, remote workforces, and cloud-based platforms led to an exponential rise in cybercrime. The security of your business operations, network, and data depends on secure connectivity. Since you’re not sharing a network, a private leased line strengthens your security and reduces risk to sensitive or confidential information. 

Leased lines are unlimited, right?

With a dedicated leased line, you won’t have to worry about unexpected charges when you go over your data allowance. Even when your business is at its busiest, you can stream, download, upload and share data without worrying about data caps. You’ll never get a surprise bill – yay!

Dedicated internet leased lines are future-proof

Interested in seeing your business grow? If you want to grow your business, hire more people, or embrace cloud-based technology, you need a strong internet connection. With a dedicated internet leased line, you get rock-solid performance. Dedicated leased lines will support your business for years to come.

Types of dedicated internet leased lines for businesses

When it comes to dedicated internet leased lines, it’s up to you. You’ve got a lot of options, but the most important thing is to make sure it’s right for your business when choosing a leased line solution.

Do leased lines cost a lot?

You might think a dedicated leased line is expensive, but it’s got a lot of benefits. Don’t worry! It’s true that dedicated leased lines are a little more expensive than broadband, but they’re still cheaper than you might think. Your team will be able to reach their full productivity potential by having the connectivity and internet access they deserve. You’ll boost your bottom line, too!

Is it difficult to organise a leased line?

Our team can handle this for you. We work with a number of suppliers to ensure you get the right line at the right price.

Are you looking for ways to transform your business with a leased line?

As part of our business connectivity services, we’ll review your existing connectivity services, get to know your business, and make sure we understand your goals. We’ll help you get a leased line that will revolutionize your internet access.