The team at Unified World delivered a Tech Day on Wednesday 28th November on the topic of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Customers and businesses throughout Lancashire were invited to attend a journey of IoT to understand more about Industry 4.0 and its impact on industry in general with delegates sharing their own IoT experiences with others in their group.

Delegates experienced digital technologies from dash cameras and digital signage through to virtual reality gaming, analytics and touch technology from Sony.

The feedback from delegates ranged from ‘food for thought’ and ‘never even heard of Industry 4.0 until now’ to ‘I want one of those!’ and ‘When is your next event?’

We’ll let you know about our next event in the New Year. Until then, thank you to everyone who attended the day and to the team at Unified World Communications and Partners for making the event a reality.