There will be a switch-off of the PSTN (and ISDN) service in 2025, regardless of whether or not you’re ready for it. From then on, we will all be using digital phone services at home and at work. Many businesses have already made the switch to digital. Not only are they prepared for the future, but they’re already enjoying the many benefits of cloud phone systems.

You can join them. Start by following these six steps.

Establish a reliable connection

Every business requires reliable, high-quality internet connectivity, whether fixed or mobile. Cloud-based applications require high-bandwidth, low-latency connections by their very nature. Digital voice and collaboration services are no exception. Providing crystal-clear voice calls, jitter-free video conferencing, and real-time collaboration tools all require a high-speed internet connection.

Connectivity needs to be up to the task, not just for today’s needs but also for tomorrow’s.

When you upgrade to digital voice and collaboration, you should examine your internet connectivity. Does it function well? Are you able to handle today’s applications and all the new technologies coming down the road (such as the Internet of Things)? Do you have a latency problem? Will other applications disrupt your voice service?

In terms of connectivity and networking, we offer a comprehensive range of access technologies, speeds, and resilience options. Our team can help you determine the best option for your situation and what you are trying to achieve.

Are you using your voice line for anything else? Check for special services

Many businesses use their phone lines for more than just making calls.

PSTN lines can be used for door entry systems, alarms, lift emergency lines, payment terminals, cash machines, and so on. These are called ‘special services’. Upgrades to digital will affect how these special services operate, so you need to track down all the services that run on your PSTN and ISDN lines.

There are basically four options:

  • (if possible) Use an IP connection
  • Contact your service provider to upgrade them to IP
  • Use an Analogue Telephone Adapter (ATA) device to convert the special services’ analogue signal to digital (IP) so your special service can continue to work with the new digital service.
  • There may be a solution based on GSM (Mobile-network based) technology

We offer an increasing range of services to help you minimise the impact of upgrading to a digital voice and collaboration service.

Get your employees excited, engaged, and educated…

It’s important that you don’t just make sure your people know how to use digital phone service, but that they also want to use it. A well-informed and engaged audience can maximise your chances of maximizing your return on investment (ROI). People are more likely to help you realize those benefits if they are excited about getting their hands on the new kit.

We can help you train your employees. Every service we provide comes with comprehensive instructions and support. 

Take a look at the hardware

Rather than just replacing your existing handsets with equivalent IP models when you upgrade to digital voice, take your time. Taking a step back and assessing how your employees are using your hardware is a great opportunity.

You might not have to replace everything like-for-like? If your company offers flexible working patterns, such as hot-desking or telecommuting, giving everyone a desk phone might not be the best choice. Maybe an IP headset and softphone client would be a better choice. Ultimately, it is a personal choice. Perhaps your business can benefit from a hybrid approach that uses headsets and handsets.

As part of your upgrade, you can choose from an extensive selection of IP devices and apps. Your new digital service may allow you to reuse some equipment you’re currently using. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Take advantage of the change.

When you upgrade to digital phone services, you are doing more than just what you do now. New ways of working and new opportunities for communication will be presented by your new service.

Cloud-based systems offer far more features than you may be used to. For instance, they can integrate mobile devices easily. You’ll get detailed reporting at your fingertips, allowing you to gather insights into the behaviour of customers and employees. Ultimately, they will enable you to work more efficiently. This is a chance to re-evaluate your company. Maybe you want to introduce flexible and remote working so you can work from anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Furthermore, you should consider the phone lines you currently use and consider whether you really need to duplicate them all in the new system. It may be worth keeping your existing phone numbers by porting them to the new service if your customers already know them.

Take the first step in your digital transformation today.

You can move your phone number with you wherever you are with cloud-based communication systems. No missed calls ever again. You can collaborate with anyone, anywhere. That’s the power of the cloud. There are no ongoing maintenance costs. There are no disruptions from engineers. Upgrades happen automatically. Scalable to meet future demands.

Are you ready?

We can help you along the way. Even though planning, selecting, and installing a digital phone system is relatively straightforward, we appreciate that you may need some guidance.

Why not have a look at our Office Phone Systems to look at our solutions.

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