Companies are rapidly adopting connectivity technology to offer customers new ways to interact and collect valuable data to make strategic decisions in the retail market. To accommodate the rapidly changing retail needs, we can offer a range of IoT & Cellular connectivity products.


Retail is essentially a highly competitive environment. Assisted by digital services, converting ideas into businesses takes less and less time. As a result, many entrepreneurs and enterprises seek to reduce the time-to-market as much as possible.

Digital marketing advances drive customer demand, but physical retail still dominates the consumer market despite the growing popularity of e-commerce. Customer service and internal operations, such as stock management, are highly dependent on reliable, fast, and secure internet connections in the retail market.

Wired Internet connectivity is widely available in urban areas, but these options cannot guarantee 100% availability. Furthermore, there is a need for alternatives to access fast and reliable internet if the connection is unstable or slow in an area.

Lastly, speed and availability are not the only challenges, as cybersecurity threats are on the rise.


Fast and reliable connectivity options have been made more accessible with 4G. In congested areas, mobile Internet services can compete and sometimes surpass wired connections due to multiple cellular modules and higher LTE categories.

In contrast, cellular solutions can be implemented immediately and do not require cabling or long-term contracts. Retail connectivity security, downtime, and availability issues can be addressed using a professional cellular router with two simultaneously working Cat 6 modules. When used together, the two SIM cards of the RUTX12 provide speeds of up to 600 Mbps and ensure that all components of the retail solution are connected. By splitting traffic, such as company communications and customer services, two modules enhance security.

The POS system, computer, and thermal camera are all connected via Ethernet to the router, as shown in the topology. As opposed to barcode scanners and tablets, which connect to a secure, private Wi-Fi network. Due to RUTX12’s ability to support IPsec, OpenVPN, and other VPN services, companies can configure their networks according to their needs.

Furthermore, the RUTX12 is compatible with the Remote Management System, which allows network administrators to monitor the entire network remotely and remotely configure it, update firmware, send notifications, generate reports, etc.


  • Performance – RUTX12 with two LTE CAT 6 cellular modules working simultaneously can provide speeds up to 600 Mbps.
  • Functionality – RUTX12 is able to split traffic between two mobile connections with load balancing.
  • Remote monitoring – with RMS, you can conveniently monitor all networks and make configurations remotely.
  • Security – with advanced RutOS features, RUTX12 offers multiple VPN options, an embedded firewall, and other security features to comply with high-security standards.