Joseph Holt is an independent brewery based in Manchester since 1849. Over the years, it has evolved and grown to become the modern beer creating brewery it is today, although still surrounded by some of the original history, fixtures and fittings.

The Joseph Holt pub estate currently consists of over 120 houses, which continues to evolve and grow. With a wide range of pubs from busy city-centre inns to countryside food houses and all that go in-between, there’s a pub to suit everyone.


The pub estate contained a large and varied estate of legacy phone systems, which meant an increased cost of maintenance and repairs. These existing systems were continuously failing and finding replacement parts was becoming increasingly difficult to source.

The limited functionality of a traditional phone system wasn’t so much an issue but by embracing the newer features of a modern IP-based system, such as out-of-hour messages and smart call routing, would help make the pub estate become more efficient, along with an improved customer experience.

Proposed Solution

With the upgrade of the UK’s phone network in full swing, the removal of traditional copper and ISDN phone lines is a major restructure. By replacing the current traditional phone system with an IP-based solution, running over an existing data infrastructure for each pub, has enabled Joseph Holt to be ready for the switch-off ahead of time.

With the system being hosted in the cloud, it negated the need for onsite repairs and maintenance as this can all be done remotely with software changes/updates. In addition, it allowed business failover to be completed automatically in the event of a data connection failure

All provided end-user hardware is configured remotely and covered with a 3-year warranty. This provides the customer with fixed costs, less downtime and no requirement for end-user interaction with the system

Customer Testimonial

“The team at Unified World Communications provided excellent customer service from start to finish; explaining the proposed solution and highlighting all the different options available.

The system they provide is easy to understand, which allowed us to establish the appropriate requirements and features for each individual pub.

Unified World provided an end-to-end solution from design and quotation through to physical installation, along with number porting.  We were kept up-to-date every step of the way.

The project was progressing so well, we put a request in to expedite the roll-out. Unified World accommodated this and finished the project 4 months ahead of schedule. 

We now have all of our 116 managed sites connected on the new IP based solution, which are managed remotely and we are benefiting from all the excellent features we have available to us.

I highly recommend Unified World and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again on future projects.!”

Kevin Eaton, Audit & IT Systems Manager,
Joseph Holt Limited