With BT making ISDN and traditional landlines obsolete in 2025, it’s time to think about the transition to cloud-based office phone systems.

Cloud (VoIP) systems provide the same functionality and call quality as your existing system with the addition of the following:

  1. Flexibility – One of the best things about cloud phones is that they are entirely flexible. A small business can start with as little as a single connection and easily expand. Additionally, there are no technicians running yet another wire and no exorbitant installation fees.
  2. Pay Per User – The way hosted voice systems work is on a subscription basis. This means you only pay for what you need, so if you’ve got 4 users you pay for 4, rather than having to buy a system that can support ‘up to 10’, wasting capacity and money.
  3. Business Resilience – Most cloud computing solutions are much more secure and resilient than their equivalent on-premise counterparts. With automatic call rerouting and multi-data sims, fail-safes are in place should the internet go down.
  4. Greater Control – It’s true that you will no longer have the cumbersome hardware on-site, however, you will have greater control over user accounts and system features via the user-friendly web portal.
  5. Additional Features – Added features you’ve typically paid for will be free. Voicemail to email, call logging, music on hold, auto attendant, plus much more is included.

Any form of change can be a difficult and challenging time for businesses, but that’s no excuse to put off the inevitable and move to a system that will prove to be hugely beneficial to your business in both the short term and long term.

At Unified World we will work with you to put a strong a clear migration plan in place to future-proof your business communications.