While meetings are always well intentioned, they usually end up spiralling off topic with no outcome, eventually becoming a “bad meeting”. Unfortunately, these bad meetings are what erode performance and impact your bottom line.

MEETINGS TAKE UP TOO MUCH TIME: Most professionals attend a total of 61.8 meetings per month. A survey of office workers show they are spending a quarter of their work week in meetings or in meeting prep. Work for 40 years and you’ll spend 10 years in meetings or getting ready to be in them. About a third of employees say meetings
are inefficient and could be shorter.

MEETINGS LACK FOCUS & STRUCTURE: Most professionals who meet on a regular basis admit to daydreaming (91%) and doing unrelated work (73%). They say 50% of the time spent in meetings is entirely useless, usually due to the lack of any kind of agenda or plan regarding the meeting itself with 73% considering a prepared agenda as “very important”. They also say their meetings never start and end on time, with technology challenges often contributing to the delay and 89% of people believing that better technology could improve their meetings.

THERE’S NO ACCOUNTABILITY: Specific actions, owners & timelines are unclear, generalisations and lots of “we” don’t specify what needs to get done, who’s responsible and when it needs to be done by. Information is all over the place: 61% of workers today use more than four applications and 13% access more than 11 applications on a daily basis, increasing the challenge to follow through and progress against action items.

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